Resilient Acres is located on 121 acres* of fields, streams, and forests in Northeast Ohio (Chardon).

In 2014, Christine & Michael purchased an original 23 acres that has continued to develop into a homestead-style farm with permaculture gardens, a hugelkultur orchard, chickens, bees, and developing food forests.


As the vision expanded to include the creation of more opportunities for others to make a meaningful change in our world, a contiguous 98 acre century farm came up for sale.

This pristine century farm was owned by a single family for the past 100 years. Originally it was a dairy farm with a large barn, several unique century homes and other out buildings, as well as a sugar maple grove tucked within its 70 acres of woods, and a 1- acre pond. For most of its recent years, it served as a country retreat for the family until the caretaker moved, at which point the family decided to sell. The land was bought in the late summer of 2018 and dedicated to the cause. We rebranded at this time to become Resilient Acres.

Farmhouse 2018 (when purchased)


Farmhouse 2019

Although the overall vision for the land is broad and multi-faceted, the focus is decidedly on health and wellness. The health of humans across the lifespan. The health of ecosystems. As well as all of the many factors that influence health.


With this focused vision, a number of plans have emerged

  • A regenerative agriculture farm share program
  • Permaculture workshops and classes
  • A seed company focused on creating climate resilient and regional seed stock
  • A commercial kitchen
  • A functional medicine health clinic
  • Health retreats
  • Yoga on the farm
  • Agroforestry, silviculture and wood working
  • Herbal classes and consultations
  • Doula, midwifery, and other birth support services
  • A farm product retail space with herb shop and blend-your-own tea table
  • A farm stay agritourism program
  • Short and long-term rentals

Undoubtedly, many more projects will emerge, as the right people show up.

Maybe you’re one of them.  If you think you might be, check out our partners page and tell us some more about your ideas.


*We respectfully acknowledge with great reverence that this land was once cared for by Iroquois’ peoples.  We highly encourage Native individuals who would like to be involved or help restore this land to reach out.

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